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Who's idea was this anyway?

         Allow me to introduce ourselves, to the right we have Yvette Cooper, to the left Ella Cooper Yvette's daughter, and myself Spud Cooper Yvette's brother and Ella's uncle in the middle, phewww that's complicated.

     Back in 2019 before all the Covid chaos broke out, Ella came up with the crazy idea of opening a bar, and for some reason, Yvette and I agreed. We felt sure we had the skills between us all to make it a success. So we found this little bar on Leicester Street Southport and began to formulate a plan and started to decorate.

        The plan had to involve Live Music, Amazing Food, and making wonderful memories and so far we've managed to achieve all three.               

        As musicians ourselves we wanted Music to be the main focus of the bar and you'll find live music on most nights especially over the weekend. All three of us even tread the boards ourselves on occasion.

      The food side of things is Yvette's department, she's a very accomplished cook and her Sunday roasts have now become legendary in the area.

   The third part of the plan is all taken care of by our lovely customers we've made so many friends since we opened and had so many amazing nights, we feel truly blessed and can't believe the amazing cozy atmosphere we've created in our bar.  

    So please

pay us a visit and make some more wonderful memories with us.

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